How Do You Replace The Planetary Gears On A Kitchenaid Mixer?

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1 Answer

Back when Hobart owned KitchenAid and made solid-state stand mixers with numbers like K5SS, K45SS, and KSM90, they named the part of the mixer that turns the beater the "planetary gear." It is the major gear mechanism of KitchenAid stand mixers, and it's quite easy to fix yourself. Wrap the mixer's wall plug in a plastic bag and secure it with a rubber band. This is a safety measure to ensure that no grease gets on the plug. Remover the drip cup. The drip cup is the silver ring that encircles the planetary housing. Use a small flat screwdriver on the top lip of the drip cup to loosen and remove it. Lay the mixer on its side. It is a good idea to put a towel or cloth underneath the mixer. Remove the groove pin that holds the planetary gear assembly to the center shaft. Use a 5/32" punch to do this. Removing the groove pin allows the planetary assembly cover to be removed. Pry the planetary gear cover down and off the shaft using two flat screwdrivers. Unscrew and remove the five ... more
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