How do you replace the power steering hose in a 2002 maxima?

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1 Answer

Just unscrew both sides of the hose you are replacing. Compare it to your new hose, check if the new hose came with the proper O-rings if not reuse the old ones. Once you have tightened up both ends of the hose if is a good idea to use a floor jack to lift the front of the car just enough to raise the tires off the ground. Take the cap off of the power steering pump. Turn the steering wheel to the left and right until you do not see any more bubbles come up (add more fluid as needed). Once you confirm you dont see anymore bubbles put the cap back on, lower the car and start the vehicle, turn the wheel a few more times, it may or may not be making the squeeling noise this is normal once you drive it around for a day or so the noise should stop. more
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