How Do You Replace The Spark Plug On A Poulan Wild Thing Chain Saw?

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1 Answer

The Poulan Wild Thing Chain Saw is a lightweight, easy-to-start high-speed wood-cutting tool. It boasts a powerful 40cc engine and comes fully assembled with an 18” bar and automatic chain oiler. The Wild Thing Chain Saw is designed to provide years of reliable service, however the unit does require periodic adjustments in order to be properly maintained. To keep the chain saw running smoothly, the manufacturer recommends replacing the spark plug once each year. Turn the engine off. Allow it to cool completely before proceeding. Loosen the three retaining screws on the cylinder cover, located on the top rear of the chain saw engine, by turning them counter-clockwise with the Phillips head screwdriver. Lift the cylinder cover off and set it aside. Grasp the boot of the spark plug wire, located on the top rear of the engine. Pull the boot straight back to disconnect the spark plug wire. Fit the spark plug wrench onto the ratchet. Set the ratchet to turn counter-clockwise. Slide the ... more
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