How Do You Replace The Throttle Position Sensor In A Kia Spectra?

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1 Answer

When people shop for an economy car, they look for fuel efficiency, an affordable price and a vehicle that doesn't look cheap. Kia launched the Spectra in 2000 which fits the bill, but then redesigned and introduced a new version in 2005. Here are the do-it-yourself steps to replacing the throttle position sensor in a Kia Spectra. Make sure the engine and radiator are completely cool. Disconnect the battery ground and then isolate it so that it cannot make accidental contact with the terminal while installing the throttle body. Disengage the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Loosen the screws that hold the TPS in place. Remove the screws and lift the TPS from the mounting. Install the new sensor on the mounting. Set the screws in place and tighten them to secure the TPS. Check the throttle for binding: depress the accelerator to the floor and then release it. Do this a few times to make sure the throttle is operating smoothly. Reconnect the battery ground cable to the terminal. Start ... more
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