How Do You Replace The Transmission Fluid In A Toyota Sequoia?

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Even though the Toyota Sequoia owner's manual does not tell you when you should change your transmission fluid, it should be changed every 30,000 miles. Changing the transmission fluid will keep your transmission in good shape and prevent major transmission problems from occurring as the vehicle gets older. The transmission fluid lubricates the moving parts of the transmission. Open the hood and remove the dipstick. This will release pressure in the transmission tank and allow the fluid to drain faster. Slide under the Sequoia with a pan that can be used to catch the draining fluid and a 14mm socket wrench. Remove the drain plug on the side of the transmission pan with the socket wrench. Let the fluid drain for about ten minutes. Screw the drain plug back on the transmission pan and remember to use a new crush washer. Tighten the plug to 15 foot-pounds. This concludes the work underneath the SUV. Insert a funnel into the dipstick tube and begin pouring transmission fluid. You should ... more
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