How Do You Report A Deadbeat Dad In Texas?

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1 Answer

A "deadbeat dad" (or mom) refers to a non-custodial biological parent who is not contributing financially to his child's care, whether the financial support is voluntary or court-ordered. In order to collect owed child support, the deadbeat parent needs to be reported, often to the state's attorney general's office. This is the procedure in Texas and the forms to report a deadbeat father are available on the internet. There are also national websites to list a deadbeat father from any state. Contact the Texas Attorney General's Office Child Support Division. Go to www.oag.state.tx.us/cs/index.shtml and click on "Apply for Services" on the menu on the right. Fill out a complaint form. At the same website, under "Forms" is a Child Support Complaint Form if your initial requests for child support from the deadbeat parent are ignored Read the FAQ for further help. The website includes a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) if you have any problems. Spread the word nationally. ... more
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