How Do You Report A Person Violating Their Probation?

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1 Answer

If you are aware of a coworker, employee or a tenant who is on probation and has violated the terms of his or her probationary contract, you may decide to report it. Not reporting the violation of probation could put others at risk to be victims of crime. The person on probation already has demonstrated they are willing to violate the rules of society and the rights of others. Violation of their probation shows they have not quite learned to change their way of life. Write down all you know about the nature of the violation. Include the name of the offender. Note the time, date and place of the incident. Record the events and the details of the offense. Include the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses or victims of the probation violation. For example, if the person on probation reacted in road rage and punched another driver waiting at a red light, you would include the name of the other party, the location of the incident, the date, time, description of the car and ... more
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