How Do You Reset A Samsung Juke?

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1 Answer

Some phones allow us to take our music with us by doubling as an mp3 player. The Samsung Juke is one of those phones. If you have a Samsung Juke and are having some problems with your phone settings, you can reset your phone back to factory settings. You will need to reprogram it and upload your music all over again, but it can give you a fresh start if you are experiencing problems. Press the center "Select" key, with your battery fully charged and phone on. Use the wheel to scroll to "Settings and Tools" and press the "Select" key. Select "Phone Settings" under the settings menu. Select "Security." At this point, you will be prompted for the lock code. This is usually the last four digits of your cell phone number, unless you have changed it. If the last four digits does not work, you will need to contact your service provider. Once you have entered the lock code, press the "Select" key. Click on "Restore Phone." At this point, you will be asked if you want to delete all data and ... more
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