How Do You Reset The Check Engine Light On A Toyota Tacoma?

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1 Answer

The Toyota Tacoma started production in late 1995. Its manufacturing date was synchronized with the implementation of OBD II (on-board diagnostics two), which standardized computer diagnostics for all vehicles in 1996. The check engine light communicates a problem in the emissions system or any other system monitored by sensors that are in direct communication with the engine control module. When one of these components fail, the computer indicates the failure and triggers the check engine light. These failures are called diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and should be diagnosed and rectified before attempting to reset the light. Locate the diagnostic link connector (DLC) in the Toyota Tacoma. It is under the driver's side dashboard between the steering column and the dash. The shape of the connector will match the trapezoidal shape of the plug connection on the OBD II scan tool. Attach the plug of the OBD II scan tool to the DLC of the Tacoma. Make sure it is plugged in thoroughly. ... more
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