How Do You Reset The SMU On An Imac G5?

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1 Answer

The System Management Unit (SMU) controls various power-related functions on your iMac G5 computer. If you're having problems getting your computer to turn on, wake up from sleep, turn off or run the fan, then it may help to reset the SMU. Turn off your computer and wait until it has completely powered down. You shouldn't be able to hear any noise from the fan or processor. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet or turn off the power strip that the iMac G5 is on. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the computer. If your iMac was made in late 2004, then you just have to wait about 2 minutes with the cord disconnected to reset the SMU. Disconnect all the cables from the computer if you have a different or later model iMac G5. Wait about 1 minute and then press and hold the power button while connecting the computer's power cord. The cord should be connected to a power outlet for this step. Release the power button after you plug in the power cord. The SMU on the iMac ... more
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