How Do You Resign From The Army National Guard?

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1 Answer

For whatever reason, you may find that you are no longer willing or able to actively participate in the Army National Guard. In such cases, "resigning" or obtaining a discharge can be a long and complicated process. This is because membership in the Army National Guard, like membership in all the armed forces, requires an eight-year service obligation. If you have already served those eight years, either through a combination of active, reserve or inactive ready reserve service, you can simply not extend your enlistment and then automatically be discharged. If you have not fulfilled your service obligation or have signed additional contracts for bonus money, education, etc., the process becomes more challenging. Furthermore, if done incorrectly, getting out of the National Guard can adversely affect future employment opportunities and veterans benefits. The process you will need to take to get out of the Army National Guard depends on what your current circumstances are, what you ... more
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