How Do You Resize An Interior Composite Hollow Core Door?

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1 Answer

Have you ever needed to resize an interior composite hollow core door? More often than not, a standard replacement interior composite hollow core door, from your local home supply store, will need to be resized to fit your existing door frame. Standard interior door widths typically vary from 24" - 36" wide by 80" tall. Allowing for a threshold, carpeted or tiled floor, you may only need 77" or so. Shortening these doors is a relatively simple process, providing you have about half an hour and access to the right tools. After you have measured the door opening, and allowed for a threshold, a carpeted or tiled floor, transfer the measurement to the door. Remove the excess from the bottom of the door, using a circular saw with an edge guide for a straight cut. If your cut will not be parallel, clamp a straight edge to the door to guide the saw. If you have removed more than 3/4 of an inch, you will see the cardboard inside of the door. Fold this cardboard back, approximately 3/4 of an ... more
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