How Do You Restore Antique Iron Beds?

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1 Answer

Unrestored antique iron beds aren't that easy to come by. They have been snatched up because of the charm they add to a room's decor. However, you can search at antique stores, flea markets, garage sales or on online sites like eBay. If you find one in good shape, following tried-and-true procedures will make the restoring of an antique iron bed faster and easier. Wash the whole bed with a soapy water mixture to remove any grime. Wash a section at a time, rinsing and drying as you go. An alternate method of cleaning is to use mineral spirits. Rub off any paint chips, if the bed was previously painted. If you cannot remove the paint in this manner, you may need to have it sandblasted by a professional. If you prefer the shabby chic look, leave the layers of paint, with the lose chips removed. Kill the rust, if there is any on the antique iron bed. If you are going to repaint it, use a rust-killing primer as the first coat. It will be a phosphoric acid mixture that will stop the rust, ... more
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