How Do You Restore Calphalon?


The finish of new Calphalon cookware, be it stainless, copper or anodized, is an asset to any kitchen. Not only does it improve your recipes, but it makes an attractive focal point on a pot rack or shelf. Unfortunately, use and cleaning errors can lead to Calphalon cookware losing some of its luster. Follow these simple tips to help you restore the beauty of your Calphalon. Attempt to remove stains first by handwashing with mild dish detergent and a nonabrasive sponge. Polish copper Calphalon cookware with an anti-tarnish cream. This should eliminate the common dark orange or pinkish color that may result after cooking, and will remove the blue or purple streaks that may appear. Use anti-tarnish cream or a gentle scouring powder to remove rainbow discoloration on stainless steel Calphalon cookware. Rinsing the discolored area with lemon juice will also remove the rainbow colors. Restore the exterior of a hard anodized Calphalon cookware by using a dry, gentle scouring pad. Rub the dry