How Do You Restore The Finish On Costume & Fashion Jewelry?

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1 Answer

Everyday chemicals such as soap can damage plating on jewelry, causing deterioration or discoloration. Restoring jewelry may be as easy as buffing it with a soft cloth. For more difficult deterioration problems, you may need to use a strong jewelry cleaner or a replating and polishing cream. The best way to avoid the decomposition of fashion or costume jewelry is to store it in a cool, dry jewelry box and take it off prior to using soap and water. Wipe the jewelry in need of restoration with a jeweler's cloth to see if this fixes the problem. Restore silver jewelry with Silver Brite, which cleans, polishes and replates silver. Rub on Silver Brite cream with a cotton swab, then use the buffing cloth in the kit to clean off the solution and shine the piece of jewelry. Buff on jewelry cleaner or submerge heavily tarnished gold-plated jewelry directly in the jewelry cleaner after reading the directions on the solution you choose. Wipe gently with a jeweler's cloth. Jewelry with stones ... more
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