How Do You Restore Treadle Sewing Machine Cabinets?

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1 Answer

Treadle sewing machines are a beautiful accent to any home. Many of these sewing machines came in intricately detailed cabinets that can be used as a side table or as entryway furniture. You might also want to restore a treadle sewing machine cabinet if you intend to use and enjoy the sewing machine itself. Assess the overall condition of the cabinet. If you are shopping for a treadle sewing machine cabinet, avoid those with significant damage including water damage and chipped or peeling veneer. If the finish is in good condition, simple restoration may be adequate; however, more substantial damage will require refinishing. Clean the treadle cabinet. Use a mild solution of soapy water and a clean rag. If it is quite dirty, consider using a stronger cleaning agent like tri-sodium phosphate. If the finish is in good condition after cleaning, simply apply paste wax to your treadle sewing machine cabinet. No further restoration is required. Avoid getting any raw areas of the wood wet. ... more
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