How Do You Reverse A Quit Claim Deed?

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1 Answer

A quit claim deed is a legal document that conveys the interest a person has in a property to another person or entity. It does not affect the mortgage or responsibility for the mortgage. It is frequently used in divorces or estate planning to simply transfer ownership from one party to another. To retain the right to possession of the property, you must have a life estate. This allows the grantor of the quit claim deed the right to live in the property until he dies. This ensures he has a place to live, but inheritance rights go to the person who remained on title, the grantee. Get the form for the Quit Claim Deed that is legal in your state. Contact your county recorder of deeds or a local attorney to procure a state-specific form. Complete the form. In the Grantor space, the current owner(s) of the property should put their names. In the Grantee space, all people who will be owners when the deed is executed should be listed. This means the person who was previously quit-claimed ... more
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