How Do You Ride A Horse In A Bosal?

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1 Answer

Riding horses is fun and great exercise. There are many ways to ride; Western, English and Bareback. All have their own methods and tack. Western riding is the most popular way to ride in the United States, and the bosal is one item of Western tack that many horses are started in. Begin by understanding what makes up a bosal. You have the nosepiece (bosal), the hanger (cheekpiece) and the mecate (reins). Knowing these parts and equating them to a standard bridle will help you understand how it works. Make sure you that you know how to properly place and fit the bosal on your horses head. It should fit like a regular bridle around the ears and along the face, but the bosal needs to hang a little lower than the noseband on a standard bridle. This applies the rein pressure properly. Understand that the bosal is a very mild form of guidance, and is not suitable for a horse with bad habits or who runs away. Bosals are gentle and used most often for starting young horses, in order not to ... more
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