How Do You Ride A Horse In An Australian Saddle?

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1 Answer

Riding horses is fun and great exercise. Most people ride Western or English--but there is a third choice--and many of the people who have tried it will never ride any other way again. Trying an Australian saddle can give you a whole new feel to your ride. Riding in an Australian saddle is a whole new experience, especially for riders who have only ridden Western Pleasure. Just because you may be riding in an Aussie saddle that has a horn, do not fool yourself. It is NOT a Western Saddle, and will not feel like one. So step one is to prepare yourself mentally for a new experience. Mounting will be more like climbing into an English saddle. The stirrups are not wide and heavy like Western saddles, more often than not they are styled like the English saddle "irons." Once you have swung into the seat, be sure to settle your feet properly in the stirrups with only the balls of your feet resting on the stirrup bar. Never push your whole foot through the stirrup. This is asking for it to ... more
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