How Do You Ride A Vespa Motor Scooter?

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Nothing exudes 60s European retro more than a Vespa scooter. Riding a scooter can be more than just a personal declaration of style, it can be extremely practical as well. With an average of 65 miles to the gallon, easier parking capabilities and lower investment, a scooter may just be the right choice for urban transportation. If this is your first foray into the two-wheeled world, you may benefit from the information within. We will go over the basics of riding one of the world's most cherished scooters. Be sure to know what and where all of your controls are before starting off. Sit down and hold onto the bars. Your arms should be stretched comfortably, without having to lean forward, and your hands should be resting firmly on the handlebar grips. Your grip should be relaxed but firm, not tense. A lever is positioned each side of the handlebars, these are your brake levers and operate just like a mountain bike. The right lever controls the front brake and the left lever operates ... more
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