How Do You Seal A Criminal Record In Indiana?

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1 Answer

In certain instances, you can seal or expunge a criminal record in the state of Indiana. This essentially erases the record from existence. Filing such a request is relatively easy. Once you file your petition, the court will either grant your request outright, hold a hearing on the matter, or deny it. Determine if you qualify. According to the Indiana Legislative Services agency, you can petition for expungement if you were arrested, but no criminal charges were brought against you. You can also file if you had criminal charges filed, but they were dropped due to mistaken identity. The same is true if no actual crime took place or if there was lack of probable cause. You cannot have any other arrests on record or current charges pending, according to the Indiana Justice Center. You do not qualify for expungement if you have been convicted of a crime or if you received a non-guilty verdict in a case that went to trial. Draw up a petition to request a sealing of your Indiana arrest ... more
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