How Do You Seal A Vinyl Tile Floor?

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Vinyl floors are a durable and keep their beauty for years if properly cared for. You need to seal a vinyl tile floor after it is laid and every few years as it begins to dull. High traffic areas may need to be finished more often. Vinyl floor finishes, available at most home improvement stores, help protect the tile from scuffs and other wear and tear that would otherwise ruin the tiles. Sweep and mop the floor thoroughly before sealing. Let the floor dry completely. Fill a pain pan with vinyl finish, also known as sealer. Choose a finish that will give the look you desire. They are available matte, gloss and high-gloss. Dip a clean sponge mop into the finish and spread a thin coat on the floor. Do not leave puddles; the coat needs to be even. Allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Apply one to two more coats if necessary, letting them dry 30 minutes between coats. Apply additional coats in high-traffic areas or if the first coat appears uneven. Allow the final coat to dry for four to five ... more
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