How Do You Seal Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles?

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1 Answer

Do you want a new look for your flooring but are not ready to invest the time, energy and money it takes to lay down ceramic or porcelain tiles or wood boards? If so, self-adhesive vinyl tiles may be the ideal solution. You can place peel-and-stick tiles in a matter of hours and there is no waiting time for grout to dry. Because of their tendency to warp when wet, self-adhesive tiles are not recommended for use in areas where water is heavily used, such as in a washroom or restroom. However, applying a sealer over the top of the tiles can help guard them against moisture damage and regular traffic. Clean the floor with a broom and mop. It is essential that the floor is free of dust and debris, as the sealant will trap in any surface dirt. Protect the baseboards or molding surrounding the bottom of the floor by covering it with painter's tape. Add the sealant to a bucket. Dip the mop into the bucket and press against the side of the bucket so that it is not dripping. Place the mop on ... more
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