how do you self-treat the troublesome psoas muscle hip flexor?

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The next section of Hip and Groin Injuries: prevention and treatment pays special attention to groin injury – a common injury area as we know. First we home in on the often-overlooked psoas muscle – neglected because it lies so deep below the surface of the skin, and therefore is hard to locate. Unlike other deep lying muscles, like the piriformis, stretching the psoas and trying to locate the psoas with your fingers is not easy. When you look at where it lies in relation to the pelvis and the role it has to play, you’ll understand that in both hip, groin and lower back injuries quality and feel of the psoas is paramount. So the discussion focuses on techniques for effective self-treatment of this troublesome hip flexor. We give you full details of a innovative way for athletes to effectively locate and treat this troublesome muscle… using a broomstick. Yes, a broomstick! No black cat required, though… For athletes looking to self-treat such injuries, arguably this section alone is ... more
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