How Do You Sell Walmart Associate Stock?

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1 Answer

If you are a Walmart employee, known as an "associate," one of the benefits is being able to purchase stock in the company. The Walmart associate stock purchase plan allows employees to purchase Walmart stock without paying any of the normal brokerage fees. Depending on how long you have been working at Walmart, the company may match a portion of your investment. If you decide you want to sell some of the Walmart associate stock you own, the only way to do so is over the phone with the Walmart Participant Service Center. Locate your Walmart employee ID badge or a recent paycheck stub. Look for your employee ID number, you need this to sell your stock. Call the Walmart Participant Service Center at (800) 438-6278 to sell your Walmart associate stock. Calling this number is the only way you can sell your associate stock. Tell the account representative that you want to sell your associate stock. Verify your identity and your employee ID number. Inquire about the current market value of ... more
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