How Do You Set A Grave Marker?

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1 Answer

Grave markers, or grave stones, are often installed by crews on contract to the funeral home or cemetery. However, in some cases, often rural areas, families handle the task of setting or installing the grave marker. The work will require some basic carpentry and cement working tools and ability. Excavate an area the size of the grave marker allowing an extra inch of room on each side. The hole should be as deep as the thickness of the grave marker. The intent is place the top of the marker at ground level to allow mowers to pass over the marker. Place the marker in the hole. Use sand to level the marker and fill any gaps between the marker and sod. Lifting the marker usually requires at least two people. Even a small marker can weigh in excess of 100 pounds. Clean the sand from the marker. This type of installation is only appropriate for small flat grave markers such as veterans' markers or small granite or marble markers. Excavate an area the size of the grave marker, allowing an ... more
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