How Do You Set A Sharp Atomic Clock?

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1 Answer

You can manually or automatically set a Sharp atomic clock in just a few seconds. Sharp atomic clocks are designed to receive long wave radio signal broadcasts from The National Institute of Standards and Technology in Colorado. The AM signal delivers the exact time to a Sharp atomic clock from up to 2,000 miles away. Sharp suggests that you manually set the time zone and time before attempting an update through the radio control feature. Press the "Mode" button on the Sharp atomic clock to enter the alarm time mode, labeled "AL." Push the "Set" button until you reach the desired time zone letter. "P" stands for Pacific, "M" for Mountain, "C" for Central and "E" is for the Eastern time zone. Push the "Mode" button again to return to the main time screen. Hold the "Set" button for 2 seconds and release when you notice the hour digit is flashing. Press the "Adjust" button to increase the digits to the correct hour. Continue scrolling through the numbers until the "AM" or "PM" label on ... more
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