How Do You Set Up A Bubbler In A Fish Tank?

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1 Answer

This article will show you step-by-step how to set up a bubbler in a fish tank. First, you will want to purchase the main aeration system. You can purchase one that can be hooked up to one airline tube or two airline tubes. If you are planning on providing air on both ends of the tank, you will want to purchase an aeration system with two hook ups. Check to make sure that airline tubing and a stone or ward is included with the aeration system. If they are not included you will need to purchase these items separately. If the items are not included, purchase a stone which fits on the end of the airline tubing. You can purchase many different types of stones to place on the end of the airline tubing. To setup the bubbler in your fish tank, you will want to hook up the airline tubing to each outlet on the aeration system. You can cut the airline tube so that there isn't a lot of slack in the tubing. Hook up the stone or wand to the end of the airline tubing and bury them in the gravel or ... more
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