How Do You Set Up Call Forwarding With The Sprint Rumor?

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1 Answer

The Sprint Rumor was designed with several calling features to meet consumer demands. Among the features is call forwarding, which sends an incoming call to the cell phone to another number specified by the user. This feature is useful if the Sprint Rumor user will not have access to his phone for a specific time period or if he has switched to a different cell phone and wants to continue receiving calls from his old cell phone. Dial "*72" from the Sprint Rumor's home screen. Enter the area code and number to which you want your incoming calls forwarded. Add a "1" before the area code. Press the "Talk" button, located on the left side of the phone's keypad, above the "1." You will hear a tone, which indicates the call forwarding number was successfully programmed. Turn off call forwarding by dialing "*720" and pressing the "Talk" button. A tone will play, indicating call forwarding is disabled. more
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