How Do You Sew A Button On A Pair Of Pants?

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1 Answer

Don't fool around with a safety pin if a button has popped off a pair of your pants. In a few minutes, you can sew on a button that will look good, be convenient and stay attached for the life of the pants. Most manufacturers sew on pants' buttons by machine, passing enough thread through the button to keep it attached until it leaves the factory. The quick application procedure is why they often fall off under normal wear. Follow the instructions below to sturdily hand sew a button onto the waistband of your pants. Use the button that was originally attached to the pants or choose a four-hole flat button that fits the size of the buttonhole. It should not be difficult to push the button through the hole, but it should not slide through so easily that it comes undone under a little pressure. Thread an approximately 16-inch length of thread through a hand sewing needle. Knot the two ends of the thread together at the bottom. Insert the needle from the front of the pants' waistband at ... more
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