How Do You Shift A Mack Truck Transmission?

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1 Answer

Mack trucks use transmissions made by several different manufacturers so truck buyers can more match the truck to the job. Trucks used by a specialized hauler of very heavy equipment, need a variety of forward speeds to help keep the engine RPM in the power band. The general technique to shift any transmission is similar, so learning to shift any of them will enable the driver to learn the basics of shifting others. Start the engine and allow the engine to warm while the air pressure builds to operating levels. Make sure the range selector is in the "Low" position. Attempting to drive off with a transmission in "High" range can damage the transmission or the drive-train. Depress the clutch pedal fully and shift the transmission into the first gear position. This position will be denoted by a "1" on the gear chart or on the shift lever decal which may be on the top of the shift lever knob. This is not "Low" or "Low Low". These gear positions are only used to start off with extremely ... more
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