How Do You Shorten A Chiffon Dress?

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1 Answer

The Chiffon Dress is a piece that you use only occasionally for certain events or ceremonies in which you have to look so pretty and elegant. We use Chiffon Dress in ours especial events such as: First communion, Sweet Sixteen,prom or to be a Maid for a Bride. Generally, these kind of dress are do to use as a long style. You are tired to see this dress in the close with any use. So to convert this piece in a short and sexy dress is very easily. Just you have to take a measurement feature and take the long that you want in your legs. Then take the dress and turn into the inside side. Now you are looking the line and the couture inside, proceed to fold the dress in two in a vertical manner. Then, mark the long that you prefer. Cross the dress with the chalk doing a horizontal line. Then proceed to cut the long with the scissors. Going to the Sewing machine, put the mach color of the thread and start to do zigzag in the border of the line and the chiffon to. Believe me my Grandmother do ... more
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