How Do You Shorten Seiko Watch Bands?

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1 Answer

To shorten a Seiko watch band you will need to remove at least one link from the watch band. The steps for doing this apply to all types of metal Seiko watch bands. This is a simple process that can be completed by anyone, regardless of whether they have experience working with watches. Identify the link you wish to remove. Only the three or four links on either side of the watch clasp are meant to be removed. Unlike the more permanent links, these links are attached to each other with removable pins, which are as long as one of the links and slightly thicker than a needle, without the sharp tip. They are inserted through tiny circles on the side of the watch band. While you can choose to remove as many of the removable links as you need, only remove one at a time, starting with the links that are located directly on either side of the clasp. To remove a link, you first need to remove the two pins that keep it attached to the links on either side of it. Turn the watch band on its ... more
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