How Do You Shred Beef, Chicken, Or Pork For Any Meal The EASY Way?

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1 Answer

You will be amazed at how well this method works. You don't need struggle with two forks to shred meat used in your recipes ever again. These instructions assume you have already cooked the meat required for your meal to a very tender consistency. You can cook the meat using any recipe or method you choose. Just make certain the meat is fork tender - meaning you can easily cut it with a fork. Place the cooked meat in a bowl, or if you cooked it in a deep pot, you can leave it in the pot. Cooking the meat in a crock pot works especially well. Set the beaters of the hand mixer in the bowl or pot with the cooked meat and turn on the mixer. Move the mixer around the bowl as needed to get all of the meat. The beaters will shred the meat effortlessly. It's that simple. more
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