How Do You Soak A Swollen Ankle In Epsom Salt?

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1 Answer

Excess fluid in the tissues of the body causes swelling. Ankle injury results in swelling, and reducing the swelling of the ankle will reduce the pain. Epsom salt baths help reduce the swelling because the concentration of salt in the water is higher than that inside the body. Osmosis causes the excess fluid in the ankle to flow out of the skin and into the salt water, reducing the swelling. The goal is to equalize the osmolarity of the fluid inside the ankle and the salt water surrounding the ankle. Fill the bucket or tub with warm water. The tub just needs to be large enough to fit your ankle comfortably. Pour enough water into the tub to fully cover your foot and ankle. Pour two cups of Epsom salt into the tub while the water is running. Mix the salt into the water using your hand or foot. Make sure the salt is dissolved completely for maximum benefits. Place the swollen ankle into the salt water. Make sure the water is cool enough not to scald the skin but warm enough to relax ... more
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