How Do You Soup Up A Moped?


A moped is a smaller version of a motorcycle and is often found on college campuses. You will find them lined up in college parking lots or tied to the front of RV vans. If you own a moped as a cheap alternative to a motorcycle, there are ways you can soup it up. The engine of a moped can be upgraded since it generally does not give an output of more than 50 cc. Check the speed of your moped by riding it around in average conditions. This means on a slightly bumpy road and in moderate traffic. If it is does not closely reach the speed quoted by the manufacturer, the moped should be checked for possible malfunctions. Check your carburetor for accumulation of dirt. Look at whether your spark plugs need replacing and check on the points of ignition. With time, these points tend to wear out. Any one of these three factors could result in your moped going slower. Look at the exhaust pipe. If you find that a lot of soot has collected here, it could be the reason your moped is running slow. C