How Do You Spell The Singular And Plural Of Father-In-Law And Similar Words?

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1 Answer

Many students and writers have trouble spelling the various words for "in-laws" in English. Whether you are a native speaker or a student of English as a Second Language, you need to learn how to spell these important family names. The correct spellings are as follows. Always connect the parts of these family nouns with hyphens (-) in both the singular and plural. Thus we write "father-in-law," "sister-in-law" or "brother-in-law." It is not considered correct to write them without hyphens. Form the plural by adding "s" to the noun, and not to "law." Thus we can write, two "mothers-in-law" and three "sisters-in-law." These are the correct forms even though native speakers may not use them. Avoid the forms *"father-in-laws" and *"brother-in-laws," and so on. The star (*) is used to indicate an incorrect form. Practice using the correct forms in speech, and eventually they will become automatic. Then remember to use the hyphens when you write. You will be able to spell the singular and ... more
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