How Do You Stabilize A Travel Trailer?

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1 Answer

A travel trailer is a non-powered vehicle used for camping or for temporary living quarters that is towed behind a car or pickup truck. Most travel trailers are self-contained, including a full bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and a bedroom or sleeping area. Like your tow vehicle, travel trailers have a spring suspension to soak up road bumps. However, while it is parked your trailer will bounce and move around on its springs every time you step into it or walk around inside. For this reason, it is important to stabilize your travel trailer to prevent the unwanted movement. Chock the wheels of your trailer before unhitching it from your tow vehicle to keep it from rolling. Place two chocks at the front and rear of each tire on each side of the trailer. Be aware that chocks are the only things that will keep your trailer from moving back and forth. Install stabilizers on each of the four corners of your trailer, if it is not so equipped. Use the stabilizer mounting plate as a template ... more
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