How Do You Stain Hardiplank Siding?

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1 Answer

Hardiplank siding is a long-lasting, fireproof building material that resembles natural wood. Because it is a concrete-based product, it cannot be stained in the traditional sense. However, there are products on the market that give fiber cement board a stained look. By taking special care during the application process, you can replicate the look of natural stained wood with your Hardiplank siding. Finish the board prior to installation. To achieve the appearance of stained wood on Hardiplank, your best bet is to finish the siding before it is installed on your house. Lay the boards out flat, wood-grained side up. Fiber-cement stain is a product that replicates the look of natural wood by pooling in the imprinted grain pattern on Hardiplank. For this reason, the stain works best when it is applied to boards laid down flat. Dust off the boards. Make sure the Hardiplank is completely clean and free of contaminants prior to applying stain. Hardiplank generally comes form the factory ... more
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