How Do You Start A Coonhound Puppy To Hunt Raccoons?

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1 Answer

As a coonhound breeder and avid sportswoman, I am often asked by my puppy buyers when and how they should start their puppies out in coonhunting. This short article should help you get started. Wait for your puppy to get to at least 12 weeks of age. We like to start training our coonhound puppies when they are 12 weeks old but any beginning coonhound should start out with these steps. If you have a bottle of raccoon scent (try Jay's Sporting Goods store or maybe an online spot like Bill Boatman's), apply to a 'drag' of some sort. We use a retrieving dummy. It's cylindrical in shape and is made of canvas. You could use something as simple as an old rag. If you find a road killed raccoon and aren't squimish, skin it and use that as your scent drag. It's much more effective but it MUST BE FRESHLY KILLED. I never kill raccoon for this, only use those who I find on the road. Let your puppy play with the scented dummy or coon hide. Reward the puppy for showing any interest. Put up the ... more
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