How Do You Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship?

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1 Answer

• Be sure you are comfortable with your potential friend with benefits (FWB), and find them attractive • Make sure your friend is not dating, or planning on dating anyone in the near future • Joke around about making out with them. This will not only be a fun way to flirt, but it also puts the idea of making out with you in their head. If their response involves the usage of the phrase "You are like my brother/sister..."... take the hint and find another potential FWB • Text messages and IMs are a great way to start up a relationship like this because they are both hard to "read", on their part, and easy to play off as a joke, on your part. Let's face it, everyone gets a little frisky with alcohol in them. If you both are of age, and get slightly tipsy one night, and end up making out and laughing about it the next day, this is always a potential start to a friends with benefits relationship. After the drunken make out session, hint at how much fun you had, and suggest you rekindle ... more
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