How Do You Start A Sports Handicapping Business?

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1 Answer

Successful sports handicapping is the ability to pick the winning team by using a point spread or mathematical system. A handicapper must pick 52.38% winners alone just to break even, according to Freesportsbet.com. Any percentage higher than that is considered profit. Most of the money a sports handicapping business makes is generated through subscriptions to its service. Buy an Internet web domain and set up the site. Visit other sites, such as Jimfiest.com and Docsports.com, to get an idea of the information you should post. Most sites feature sports odds, sports news and a personal biography. Choose a name for your service that is catchy and easy to remember. For example, if you live in San Francisco, you might call your yourself CiscoKid or Golden Gate Crusher. Branding and marketing are keys to building your name recognition. Research and join various sports monitors, which let handicappers enter their selections based on the odds listed on their site. Your game picks will be ... more
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