How Do You Start A Transitional Housing Program?

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1 Answer

Transitional housing programs play an important part in many communities as they aid people struggling to get back on their feet. Some serve homeless populations while others cater to run away teens or recently released prisoners. Participants in transitional housing programs are given a place to reside while they find a job and develop the life skills required to live independently. You can help people in your community make the transition to living on their own by learning how to start transitional housing program. Determine the target population. Learn what needs exist in your community. Find populations that are underserved and select a specific one in need of transitional housing. Choose homeless people, at-risk youth, families, victims of domestic violence, recently released prisoners and other people in need of short-term housing as they get their life back on track. Acquire funding. Search for private foundations and government departments that provide grants to start and ... more
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