How Do You Start An Individual Handyman Business In Florida?

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Any individual with good handyman skills can do well in most areas of Florida; however, Florida does not issue licenses for handyman skills, per se. Instead, the state recognizes these services under a contractor's license to protect Floridians from improper work and scams. Consult with local authorities to learn the rules and regulations in a specific city and county. They will tell you how to obtain a contractor's license or work under the auspices of a larger firm to deliver services as a handyman. Establish the business address. Inquire at local government offices if using a home address in a given city or county for a home-based business is permissible. Acquire a business license from both the city and county of operation. Inquire about regulations for gaining a contractor's license versus a handyman license, since the state of Florida does not recognize a handyman's license. Visit the local SCORE office to talk with a business mentor. Utilize the knowledge of these retired ... more
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