How Do You Start An MTD Snow Blower?

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1 Answer

The physical exertion of shoveling snow may cause bodily injury. MTD manufactures several different snow blower models to help you clear snow from walkways and driveways without the potential injuries that occur when shoveling. MTD snow blowers have two methods for starting the engine: electronic ignition and a starter rope. No matter what the weather conditions, each method is useful to get the engine started and allow you to clear the snow. Insert the ignition key into the starter. The key is a safety device that prevents the snow blower from starting if the key is not inserted. Push the choke lever to "Full" and press the primer button three times to draw gasoline into the mower engine. The choke lever is located on the back of the blower near the left handle. The primer button is located next to the pull rope starter. Plug the snow blower into a power outlet. The electric ignition is not battery powered. Push and hold the "Starter" button until the engine starts. Move the choke ... more
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