How Do You Stop Bleeding From A Dog's Ear?

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1 Answer

Have you ever had to stop a dog's ear from bleeding. Even the slightest nick on a dog s ear can lead to excessive bleeding. Which makes the dog want to shake their head causing more bleeding which leads to more shaking and so on. The following article describes a solution that I came up with that worked great for my dog without having to use a wrap of sticky ace bandage type stuff that will make your dog miserable. Wash the wound thoroughly, it may best best to put them in the bath tub so you can wash with soap and water. It may also be a good idea to flush the wound with hydrogen peroxide. You may need someone to restrain your dog from shaking their head further as you prepare for the bandaging process. Find a tube sock of a size that will work for your dog. I found that Dr. Scholls Diabetic socks work great because the leg part is a loose thick mesh. Using your scissors cut the leg part away from the foot part. Then about midway along the leg part cut a slit about the size of your ... more
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