How Do You Stop Scalp Pain Caused By Hair Braiding?

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1 Answer

Hair braiders who braid your hair too tightly may cause you to experience serious scalp pain afterwards. The best and most effective way to prevent scalp pain is to tell the hair braiders that the braids are too tight. Most time they are not aware of how tightly they are braiding, so tell them. There is no reason for you to suffer with scalp pain after a braiding session. However, if for some reason you do experience scalp pain due to tight braids, try these scalp treatments for immediate relief. Steam your scalp. A steam room, typically at a gym or day spa, gives the best moisture scalp treatment. Try to plan a trip to the spa or gym immediately after the haibraiding session. You will have been sitting for so long you will welcome it anyway. If no steam room is available, turn the shower on and allow the bathroom or shower to steam up. Stand in the middle of the steam for about 10 minutes. The steam loosens the braids causing the scalp pain. Use a wet hot towel. If you cannot get ... more
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