How Do You Stop Wasp Sting Pain?

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Wasp stings are unpleasant enough that most people try to avoid these insects if possible. If a wasp stings you, take immediate steps to minimize the acute pain that will undoubtedly begin. There are effective ways to stop wasp sting pain. Swelling usually causes some residual pain, so take steps to reduce the swelling that will accompany a wasp sting as well. Examine the sting area immediately to see if the stinger is still in the skin. If you see a stinger, use the side of a metal spoon or credit card to scrape the sting area lightly to get the stinger out of the skin. Never pull the stinger straight out. Doing this may increase the amount of venom released into the skin. Wrap several ice cubes into the washcloth and apply ice to the sting area. Leave the ice on the sting for ten minutes and then remove it for ten minutes. Repeat the icing process several more times to keep the swelling minimized. Make a mixture of garden soil and water to create mud. Apply the mud directly to the ... more
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