How Do You Store Hay Bales Outside?

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1 Answer

Hay is grown for several different reasons. Some farmers grow hay to use as feed and bedding material for their livestock. Others grow hay to sell and make a profit. Farmers who grow hay to sell for profit should not store it in an outdoor location as this will decrease the value of the hay. If the hay is to be used for other purposes, such as bedding for animals, it is fine to store it in an outdoor location. Harvest hay in late summer or early fall. Bales that are stored outdoors during cooler temperatures will last longer. Pour a three inch thick layer of course gravel on top of the surface of the ground where the hay bales will be stored. Use a shovel to spread the gravel out into an even layer. This prevents the hay from coming into contact with the ground. Stack the bales close together in a pyramid fashion. The bales of hay should be stacked tall rather than wide to prevent as much contact with the ground as possible. Cover the stacked hay bales with large, waterproof tarps. ... more
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