How Do You Store Lemons & Limes?

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1 Answer

Lemons were originally cultivated in China and limes in India, although most people don't think of them as Asian fruits. Like many other fruits that don't grow in colder climes, lemons and limes often have high price tags, making them an expensive kitchen commodity. To get the best value for your produce-store investment and enjoy the citrusy tang of lemons and limes in drinks or cooking, learn how to store them. Buy high-quality fresh lemons and limes, which will last longer. Choose lemons with a firm texture and bright yellow skin. Discard any that look shriveled, feel soft and spongy or have mold spots. Look for limes with a glossy finish. Skins can range from light- to deep-green in color. Large spots on the skin reveal the lime has gone bad, but small spots do not necessarily affect the taste of the fruit. Select limes that feel firm but not hard. Quality lemons and limes feel heavy in relation to their size and have finely textured peels. Wash the fruit after bringing it home ... more
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